This blog was born when I understood that most reviews on online shops are fake. Their way to accept or refuse a review is arguable, at least. My first post will be a review for a metal upgrade kit for an RC car that was posted and refused 3 times from the shop. You will read it here exactly as I posted it there, and you may then tell me in the comments why you think it was censored.


I will focus on popular and cheap RC cars and mods, I’m a hobbist and not a professional RC guy, nor tuber, nor marketer. My posts and vids will always have at least one question in it, for my readers and viewers, because I don’t think I am and I don’t want people to see me as “the custodian of the truth”. Do not expect professional quality videos from me. We are not a team. It’s a one man show.


I love to experiment, modify and race my RC cars, I’m always hungry of new experience. I’m also very open to any, local or remote, type of cooperation. Drop me a message if you’d like to help improve.


I will always buy with own funds the stuff I review. I respect professional reviewers and I understand this is their job, nothing to play with… but if the same shop that refuses my honest reviews sends you for free the goods you review, let me argue about the fact that you will be able to be 100% unbiased in your works.

I will try to make some money from this project through referral links and eBay, but:
– I don’t need it for a living, I’m ok with my job and earnings.
– I will reinvest 100% (and more from my own funds) in the project.
– I will never be malicious in order to let people click or buy more.

Fighting this common behavior is why VesuviusRC was born in Napoli, March, 25 2020.


JLB Cheetah Ovonic 3s 8000mAh 50C and A979B brushless Ovonic 3s 1400mAh GPS test run with crashes

Location: Napoli, CoroglioWeather: SunnyTrack conditions: DryLight: LowTime: SunsetRC Car #1: JLB Extreme Cheetah 21101 – 120A ESCBattery #1: Ovonic 3s 8000mAh 50CRC Car #2: Wltoys A979B Brushless 3650 – 4300kV – 60A ESCBattery #2: Ovonic 3s 1400mAh 50C In this video I test 120A Cheetah with bigger than stock battery, Ovonic 3s 8000 mAh 50C.And …

WLtoys 1/18 A959 A969 A979 A959B A979B upgrade paths. Part 2: going brushless.

This is the second of three posts about how to upgrade your WLtoys 1:18 RTR RC cars cleverly, without a waste of money, and thus getting the best out of your purchase. Please remember that this post assumes you have completed upgrade path 1. In this YouTube video (my first!) I do test Ovonic 3s …